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'Beach town', 'port community', 'fledgling resort destination' - all describe Sihanoukville, Cambodia's premier beach town. Sihanoukville's white sand beaches and warm Gulf of Thailand waters combine with a laid back, beachy atmosphere to provide a great little tropical getaway. Sihanoukville is a place to unwind by the beach, enjoy the fresh from-the-ocean seafood, take in a snorkeling or scuba trip, and generally slow-down, lay back and chill-out.

Sihanoukville has a different look and feel than most Cambodian towns. Constructed as a port city in the late 1950s, the town is much newer, more urban and cosmopolitan than most Cambodian provincial cities.
sokha beach photo
Nowadays, Sihanoukville is as much a beach town as it is a port town, catering to beach-going weekenders from Phnom Penh as well as a steadily increasing number of foreign visitors. Still, the pace of life in Sihanoukville is very relaxed.

Cows occasionally wander the main road, outside town foreign faces draw smiles and curious stares, and most of the beaches offer only beach umbrellas, thatched roofed eateries, and a growing number of restaurants, bungalows and hotels.

Sihanoukville has a more than ample supply of accommodations, including a 5-star resort complex on Sokha Beach, several mid-range places downtown and at the beaches, a few 'upscale' three-star hotels, and dozens of budget guesthouses, especially on Weather Station Hill (Victory Hill).

cambodian curry photo
Fresh seafood, especially crab, prawns and ocean fish, has always been one of the town's biggest draws, but there is also a wide variety of places offering foreign cuisines - Australian, French, Indian, German, Sri Lankan, British, Italian, pizza places, a couple of western bakeries and even a espresso coffee shop.

And these days Sihanoukville offers a pretty good night life as well with a wide variety of bars staying open well into the wee hours, especially on Weather Station Hill, in the downtown area, and the beach bars on Ochheuteal, ‘Serendipity’ and Victory Beaches.

(Cambodian Curry)

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Sihanoukville is not a small place, and the best way to get around is to hire a motorbike. Sihanoukville itself is east of the main backpackers' beach and close to the more mid-range Ochatial Beach.

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ocheteaul beach photo

Ochheuteal Beach

The largest and most popular of the Sihanoukville beaches is Ochheuteal. It is an expanse of five kilometers of powdery white sand, fronted by shallow, pretty blue ocean, that is perfect for swimming. At the north end of Ochheuteal beach, there is a strip of lively, open air bars and restaurants, right on the sand with lounge chairs out front where you can relax.

Around dinner hour, they light up the BBQ grills, and cook freshly caught seafood, including shrimp, crab, tuna, lobster, and squid, right over the coals. After dinner, you can sip drinks made from tropical fruits, and partake of the local Angkor beer brewed right in Sihanoukville, while you enjoy cool music. For the late night crowd, there are a couple of all night bars on the beach where you can dance until the sun comes up.

victory beach photo

Victory Beach

At the bottom of "The Hill", near the port, Victory beach has quickly become the tourist beach on the West side of town. An easy walk from Victory Hill, with plenty of seafood, boating activities, guesthouses, and a full service casino. Some quiet beach in the middle, and some restaurants towards the port.

Also, featuring a pier for island boat trips.

sokha beach photo

Sokha Beach

Sokha beach is a private beach, 1.5 kilometers long, for the guests of the Sokha Resort Hotel. Well groomed beaches, not too many people, and for a fee (if you're not a hotel guest), a beautiful swimming pool, fitness centre, and lobby lounge.

At the near end of Sokha are a few hillside and cliffside bungalows.

serendipity beach photo

Serendipity Beach

The tourist beach on the East Side. No beach stands here, just Western style bars and restaurants. One of the few places with rooms right on the beach. Many new internet shops, clothing, MP3 downloads, tour services and boat departures to the islands.

Serendipity has turned into the shopping section of town.

otres beach photo

Otres Beach

Outside of town, Otres is the quietest beach in town. Several small beach stands with food and umbrellas are available. There's no public electricity here yet, so many places use a generator when necessary.

Also, sailboat, kayak rentals and windsurfing are available.

independence beach photo

Independence Beach

Independence Beach is not fully open to the public. Part of it is on a rocky hillside showing wonderful views, while another part consists of a white sandy beach. The beach was named after the historic 7-storey Independence Hotel.

Independence is just over a kilometre long, and the beach itself is narrow. Except for a small section maintained by the hotel for its guests, majority of Independence is closed to the public.

If one looks forward to spending some quality time in Independence without the noise of Ochheuteal, there is a small part near the southern end of the beach where there are no other tourists. A glass of wine or a bottle of beer, coupled with the slight murmurings of snack vendors clustered together a few meters away, can easily become someone’s dream vacation.

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bamboo island photo

Bamboo Island (Koh Russei)

Sihanoukville's most beautiful beaches aren't on the mainland, they are on the islands near the Sihanoukville coast. A real jewel of Sihanoukville, is Bamboo island (Koh Russei), one of closest and best of the islands. It is a small island with breathtakingly beautiful beaches on two sides, connected by a kilometer and a half long path cutting through the jungle covered interior of the island. There are small bar/bungalow establishments on both of the beaches for those wanting to stay the night on the island.

Getting to the island is an easy 45 minute boat trip. There is daily ferry service provided by Coasters.

koh rong island photo

Koh Rong

Koh Rong Island is a Cambodian Island in the Gulf of Thailand, at about 40km off the coast of Sihanoukville. Actually, the island is deserted, undeveloped and untouched. It's a secret island. But it will be soon one of the famous touristic destination of Cambodia. The island is certainly the most beautiful island of the Kompong Som Region. A snowdrift bay, covered by a crystal clear and turquoise water, stretches on several kilometres. At the centre, a jungle with thousands of coconut palms and waterfalls invade the island. Paradise found on Koh Rong !

Koh Rong Island is shaped like a dumbbell. The narrow section in the middle is flat, but the ends are mountainous and covered in thick, creeping jungle. There are a few fishing villages on the island but no roads, so the amazing beach is only accessible by boat.

koh sdach photo

Koh Sdach

Koh Sdach is a small fishing village island sit at the half way mark between Koh Kong and Sihanoukville and is a daily stop of the bullet-boat. Accommodation is available on the island, and for those interested in experiencing a totally unadulterated stay in a Cambodian fishing village, then this isn't a bad choice.

Located just a twenty minute boat-ride off the Cambodian coast, Koh Sdach is dominated by a sizeable fishing village that stretches along the side of the island that faces the mainland. While fishing is the mainstay of the local economy, the village also has a large ice-making plant, where you can watch it being made and ferried off by boat to the surrounding islands. On the far side of the island lies the island's main beach, a somewhat rocky affair that sits beside the island's premiere karaoke bar. You can swim here if you wish and the water is crystal clear

koh takiev photo

Koh Takiev

Koh Takiev is a huge island with numerous beautiful beaches where you will be totally alone The two long, beautiful fine sand beaches, each a kilometre in length, look like two bows on each side of the rocky headland. Often golden eagles are spotted. These beaches are the pride of the island which also includes a charming additional beach with 360 m of amber sand. To the south of the centre of the island is a water body shaded by trees. In the 30-40 m peak hills are found hillside forests. The ‘open sea’ beach to the south-west (800 m) faces the sea to the sunset. The south-east beach (1 km) is called ‘ivory’ in reference to the colour of its sand. It faces the sunrise with a clear view of the sea. The eastern beach (360 m) is called ‘amber’. It is close to the jetty and the fishing village, overlooking the sea, the Phu Quoc (Vietnam) islands and Ream national park.

Koh Takeiv's beach is so breathtaking upon landing that, like a sea siren, it entices visitors to stay longer.. A short walk down the right side of the shore carries visitors to a small wooden bridge perfectly suited for fishing or diving. Thousands of fish are a flurry of activity beneath the calm sea here. A similar underwater landscape may be seen on the other end of the beach, where diving is especially good

koh tang photo

Koh Tang

Koh Tang Island, is an island approximately 43 km (27 miles) southwest off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand.
Koh Tang today is one of the best scuba diving areas in Cambodia with several Sihanoukville dive companies running overnight trips out to this large uninhabited island group. Large fish like cobias and sail fish as well as large schools of jacks, snappers and fusiliers swim over the reef in large numbers as damaged reef section are repaired by mother nature, with new coral colonies of “apcora” (a commonly known variety being stag horn coral) growing at a rapid pace, and the fish stocks displaced start to recover.

The diving is good, no crowds and several large shallow sections, as well as the deep reefs escaped damage, so there is ample dive opportunities interspersed with the damaged coral beds. The most famous dive site in Cambodia would be Virgin Reef which has never been completely dived due to its large size, is blessed with healthy fish stocks and some amazing coral gardens stretching for hundreds of meters out from the island

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boat photo

Boat Trips

There are boats that leave from Ocheateal Beach in the morning that go on a three island tour. You can snorkel on a coral reef at the first island, then there is a 3 hour stop at bamboo island for lunch and chilling out on the picturesque beach and then a final island on the way home for some more snorkelling. The tour includes lunch, soft drinks, snorkelling equipment and life jackets. Departure is approximately 8:00 in the morning and the boat returns to Serendipity Beach at 16:00.

ream national park photo

Ream National Park

Ream National Park which is just 18 km from Sihanoukville. When you arrive at the park, you embark on a ranger boat which meanders along Preak Teak Sap river and through the mangrove forest channels. Here you should see some local wild life and several different varieties of birds. The boat meanders down the river past a local fishing village towards the sea where upon you can spend some time swimming or just enjoying the natural beauty of this deserted beach. The tour stops here for a spot of lunch and drinks before setting back on foot for some trekking through the jungle.

bokor mountain photo

Bokor Mountain

Bokor Mountain is currently closed to the public as it is being developed into a 500 room luxury resort. When this re-opens, the resort is set atop a 1080 metre mountian with dramatic views of the coast. The climate here is very different here and can even be quite chilly.

waterfall photo


The Kbal Chhay waterfall is best visited in or around the rainy season April to November and is located just 17 Km from Sihanoukville making it an easy trip by motodop, tuktuk or your own means of transport. This area is visited a lot by the locals and as such can have a lot of litter.

kampot photo

Day Trip to Kampot

A good day trip from Sihanoukville is to visit the riverside town of Kampot (made famous for its' pepper corns). The Tek chhou rapids, are a nice afternoon trip that is popular with Khmers. you can grab a tube from one of guesthouses on the river and float along the river, local temple and and fishing village. Prices are not currently available for a tour, but we can organise a taxi for you at approx $30 for a return trip lunch not included.

kep photo

Day Trip to Kep

Kep is a quiet, breezy and green village where you can enjoy a walk along the slightly rocky beach. Kep is a lot less crowded than Sihanoukville and as such is more serene and peaceful. You can have lunch at the crab market overlooking the ocean or enjoy some fresh seafood while watching the locals bring in the catch. There is a boat trip to Rabbit Island where you will find a white sand beach and coconut trees to hang a hammock. However, this tour leaves early in the morning so it is better if you visit the island if you actually plan to stay in Kep.

sailing photo


You can rent Hobby Cats (mini catamarans) on Otres Beach Sihanoukville. There are two place that arrange this, Otres Nautica and Hurrican Windsurfing. Please ask our tourist information for more details.

scuba diving photo

Scuba Diving

Scuba Nation - Cambodia’s first PADI 5 Star National Geographic Dive Centre and a dynamic dive company with the highest qualified and most experienced male and female Instructors in Cambodia. Join us on Cambodia's only liveaboard dive boat or take a comfortable day trip with full on-board facilities.as the longest established Dive Centre in Cambodia, we suit the needs of all divers, young or old, new or experienced, foreign or local. Fully PADI certified and Insured we can take you out for a memorable first or thousandth dive in Cambodia's untouched and crystal clear waters.

Eco Sea Dive - Serving divers in Sihanoukville since 2001, EcoSea Dive Center is the first Cambodian dive center to offer both PADI and SSI courses. EcoSea offers training and certification courses for all levels of divers, from beginners to dive masters. Training is available in several languages.We have magnificent diving venues where you will rarely see other divers, but you will usually see a grand abundance of marine life, such as clownfish, lionfish, island angelfish, butterfly fish, barracuda, and seahorses. Our dive locations are near the islands off the coast of Sihanoukville, including Koh Rung Samloem, Koh Tas, and Koh Tang. Most are accessible by a short boat ride from Sihanoukville

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angkor brewery photo

Angkor Brewery Tour

Cambodia's premiere beer company invite you every Tuesday and Wednesday to come and see the production process of Angkor Beer. There is a free bar too.

kayaking photo


Kayak along the sandy beaches of sihanoukville from as little as $8 per day. Kayaking is available from many locations on both Ochheuteal Beach and Otres Beach. However, if you want to go on an overnight trip, kayaking through the soft waves of the Kompong Som peninsula to a nearby island where you will stay in a rustic beach bungalow then you should visit the Golden Sunset on Otres Beach.

windsurfing photo


Hurricane Windsurfing offers windsurf rental and training at a very competitive rate. They also offer kite boarding for adrenaline junkies.

windsurfing photo

Jet Skis

Jet skis are available for rent for periods of 15 minutes or more. Ask at our tourist information center for more details.

volleyball photo


Volleyball is pretty much the national sport of Cambodia. As such, every beach has at least 2 bars where you can partake in a game. The best of the lot is between foreigners which takes place at 2:00 every Saturday at Sessions Bar on Ochheuteal beach.

tennis photo


A game of tennis can be enjoyed at Sokha Beach Resort. Please note that tennis raquets are not provided so you will have to bring your own.

Mini Golf

Sihanoukvilles latest addition. 9 holes of bumps, jumps and the occassional lump. Situated at Pim's restaurant.

Fishing Trips

Tradewinds Charters provide day and overnight fishing trips from Sihanoukville. The 18 metre boat comes complete with serious fishing equipment, snorkelling equipment, safety gear and a GPS system.Trips are scheduled every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Enquiries should be directed to the Fisherman's Den in Downtown.

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